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General Information

Pediatrics is a highly flexible specialty which offers a wide variety of career options(44). Pediatricians focus, in a broad sense, on the physical, social and emotional health of children from birth to 21 years of age(44). Pediatricians are developmentally oriented and trained and focus on detection, prevention and the management of behaivoural, physical, social and developmental problems which may affect children(44). Pediatricians diagnose and treat injuries, infections, organic diseases and dysfunctions(44). They also foster healthy lifestyles and ease the daily difficulties of individuals with chronic conditions(44).

Early intervention is of great importance in the field of pediatrics(44). Pediatricians identify and address behavioural and developmental problems that result from the exposure to psychosocial stressors and advocate for measures to protect the health and safety of children(44). In a broad sense, pediatricians take care of children, whether treating an ear infection, consulting with parents regarding behavioural or school problems or providing families with check-ups(44). It is, however, difficult to generalize what pediatricians do because there are a wide variety of specialties in the field(44).

Some pediatricians practice primary care, attending to the general needs of children while others specialize, for example, in oncology or cardiology(44). The way in which pediatricians practice is also quite variable. Some practice in an office while others practice in a hospital, clinic, medical school or health maintenance organization(44).

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