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Our Partners

Our Funder: Max Bell Foundation(55)

The Max Bell Foundation is an independent Canadian grant-making foundation which supports Canadian registered charities with project and internship/fellowship grants. The mission reflects the intent and spirit of the founder to improve Canadian society. The foundation encourages the development of innovative ideas that impact public practices and policies.

The Max Bell Foundation has funded many endeavours across the country for a wide range of charitable purposes that benefit Canadian society as a whole. An emphasis is placed upon education, health and wellness and the environment. Despite the wide range of funding, the primary purpose of the Foundation has remained constant across all areas. The underlying goal is to support innovative endeavours that encourage the development of human potential in pursuit of educational, social and economic goals. Since the foundation’s inception, hundreds of projects and initiatives have been supported across the country. The total amount of funding to date has surpassed 65 million dollars.

Max Bell Foundation
David Elton, President
639-5th Avenue SW, Suite 1230
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0M9
Tel: (403) 215-7310
Fax: (403) 215-7319
E-mail: northcott@maxbell.org
Internet: http://www.maxbell.org

McGill University(56)
Faculty of Education
Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

McGill University is spearheading this project. McGill is a research-intensive university in Montreal with twenty-one faculties and professional schools. Our project is being conducted through the Faculty of Education, more specifically, in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology (ECP).

The department of Educational and Counseling Psychology is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge through research and practice in both the fields of education and psychology. ECP addresses cognition and development in typical and atypical populations throughout the lifespan. Researchers examine issues pertaining to cognitive processes, assessment and intervention, developmental neuroscience and educational and instructional practices.

Yaldei Developmental Centre(57)

Our major partner in this project is Yaldei Developmental Centre (YDC). YDC is helps children and families with developmental challenges to reach their potential. There is a continuum of professional services and programs designed to assist families with complex special needs. The Center provides a unique program of intensive early intervention and employs a wide range of multidisciplinary approaches to ensure that families have access to individualized, coordinated, therapeutic and educational supports.

Yaldei offers center, home and school-based services as well as family support and community services. The wide range of professionals at YDC includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and music therapists.


Sponsored by Max Bell Foundation
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