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Early Intervention Inventory

An Early Intervention (E.I.) inventory is being constructed to analyze early intervention models/centers and their grouping of services in various private, not for profit, public and government EI service providers in Canada. Four provinces (QC, ON, BC, AB) are being targeted initially with the remaining provinces and territories to be targeted subsequently. The most common characteristics, best practices and critical success factors in early intervention will be identified with this inventory.

The early intervention inventory has been constructed (see E.I. Inventory) and early intervention centers in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta are currently being identified by the team. This process is almost complete and the inventory will be sent to the executive directors of the identified centres in the near future. The inventory will also be made available on our website.

Please follow the links below to view our
E.I. Inventory and Preliminary List of Centres that will be contacted for the project.

EI Questionnaire
To complete the EI Questionnaire online, please click here.

Preliminary List


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