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Assessment Protocol

An empirically-based assessment protocol, with input from world renowned experts is being developed to guide screening, diagnosis, intervention and evaluation decisions for health care professionals working with children from 0 through 9 years of age with developmental delays and their families.

To begin this process, an extensive review of assessment methods in the current early intervention literature was carried out. Selected articles can be obtained from the Early Intervention Resources page of our website. Nine domains for assessment were decided upon and potential tests in each area were researched. After the compilation of a tentative assessment protocol based upon our research findings, policy makers, experts, and key informants in the area were consulted to assist with the decision-making process. Teleconferences were held with experts in each of our domains to provide recommendations regarding the assessment tools and to identify critical issues in assessment.

In the first PDF you will find a description of the nine domains and corresponding assessment tools that have been chosen for our study. The second file contains practical and statistical information on the standardized instruments that we have chosen.

Assessment Protocol
Standardized Instruments


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